Matriculants Bursaries Opportunities At Vodacom

Vodacon is offering study bursaries in the following fields:

  • Information systems
  • Computer science
  • Electronic or electrical engineering (Light current only)
  •  Computer engineering


  • Presently in grade 12
  • Matriculated but not yet at tertiary
  • Currently at tertiary: University or University of technology

1. Application forms that are incomplete will be disregarded.

Please ensure that you attach proof of academic results: current matriculants do not need to provide preliminary results final grade 11 will suffice.

2. Applications open 1 March

3. Bursaries will only be allocated for next year.

4. You must supply all the information requested, or explain why you cannot provide it.

5. Applicants applying for bursaries with less than a B symbol in mathematics and science will not be considered.

6. Do not send original documents, please attach copies.

7. A passport size photograph of the applicant must be attached to the top right-hand of the front page.

8. It is your responsibility to apply for entrance to university and for other options for financial support. We recommend that you apply to at least two universities and for many funding options/bursaries.

9. Please note that if you have not received feedback from us by 30 November note that your application was unsuccessful.

Applicants can apply for a Vodacom Foundation Bursary if they intend to gain a qualification in Engineering and Operations.

Please note that if you have not received notification by 30 November your application was unsuccessful.


Closing date: 31 August 2018

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