Job Search Tips

Finding the Right Job Searching Resources for You

College students preparing for their careers have numerous job search resources to choose from, both on-campus and online. This article discusses some resources that may help you find the type of job you’re looking for, and provides info on how your college’s career services center can help you land a job.

Career Placement Services

Before you graduate and join the workforce, you’ll want to assemble some job search resources that are useful and convenient. One of the first places to look is your college’s career placement or career support centers. These centers offer a variety of support services for students who are ready to jump into the job market. You can find career planning tools and statistical data on the career field you want to enter, in addition to counselors who can help you connect with companies or recruiters. Other services you can find at your campus career placement center include:

  • Resume-writing help
  • Resume reviews
  • Job fairs
  • Interviewing tips
  • Career seminars

Online Job Search Engines

Job search engines can be useful tools for your job search. These search engines usually have you enter the job type, career field, company name or location that most closely aligns with your career interests in order to get listings of the types of jobs you’re looking for. Many of these websites not only allow companies to post their job openings, but also allow job seekers to post their resumes.

Get help on campus:

Your college career services office can help you with questions you have about online job search sites. Many schools also offer links to job boards that aren’t commonly known about or are for a specific career niche. The counselors available on your campus can also offer safety tips for your online job search as well as pointers on creating the right resume for an online job board.

Company Websites

If you want to work at a specific company or have a list of companies you’re interested in, you can go directly to their websites to find out what types of openings are available. If you find a job that works with your skills and education, you can contact the HR department to discuss the job in-depth or get more info. If you know somebody who’s currently employed at a company, you can also contact that person to discuss job options or find out how to get your application noticed and possibly score an interview.

Get help on campus:

Check with your career services office to see if they have info on the employers you’re interested in. Some schools have online job search tools like reviews of specific employers or in-depth info on various companies. College career offices frequently work with local or well-known employers to help students get hired, so you might be able to meet with a company recruiter or attend a job fair featuring the companies you’re pursuing.

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